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Fishing Report - Week of 3/29/13

Four great trips to report on this week.  First trip was a Father & Son Team, Pete & Luke.  They absolutely wore out the sheephead.  The water was pretty clear.  They would catch one, and leave it in the water because there would be 20 more behind that fish.  Hooked up one right after the other and continued this for hours.  It was catch & release trip.  We stopped counting after the first 25.
March 2013Pete & Luke
March 2013
Next trip was repeat customer Bruce from Indiana with his grandchildren, Kevin & Susan.  Cold windy morning, but the bite was on.  In 2 hours we had 2 pompano and all the keeper-size sheephead they wanted,  and threw back 15 or so.  Went inland and fished a few other areas, only managed one more bluefish.  Kevin & Susan were real troopers on a cold morning.  Thank goodness there was a lot of action to keep our minds off the cold 15-20 knot north wind.
Bruce & Grandkids
March 2013
Third trip was that same afternoon with Larry, Nancy, Brad & Brett.  A little slow getting going.  Threw out some chum - then it was on.  Caught sheephead constantly for the next few hours until we went through 6 dozen shrimp.  Family kept enough for dinner, threw the rest back.  Probably caught 20 sheephead and one pompano.  Too many for me to keep up with.  Everybody please remember than these fish are here to spawn, so please don not keep more than you need.
Larry, Nancy, Brad & Brett
March 2013
Last trip of the week started slow out by the jetties.  Only 2 sheephead in about an hour.  So, we moved inshore to get away from all the boat traffic.  Managed to catch 6 really nice trout in about 2 hours.  Cody, Marie & Don from Huntsville all caught fish, and got enough for dinner.
Cody, Marie & Don
March 2013
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