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December 9, 2012

Did manage to get out three times this week. 
First trip on December 4th, went out early afternoon had one Bull Red run, then started fishing the lights and floundered for a few hours.  We caught some white trout but no flounder.  Water was clear, but a little too windy for floundering.  Ended up back fishing for Red fish.  Alan from Silverhill, AL  ended up landing a couple - had several good runs. (See picture)
Had a 4 hour trip with Rick and his family from Atlanta, GA on December 6th.  Showed them some of Baldwin County's beautiful rivers & creeks.  It was a beautiful day but fishing was slow.  Did manage to catch a few small speckled trouts.  Rick caught a really nice speckled trout, and his wife, caught a large mouth bass.  (See picture)
Afternoon into evening trip on December 8th.  Went out in the Gulf to a close to shore wreck.  Caught several red snappers - biggest was close to 6 lbs.  It was a little rough, so we went in to flounder the high tide in Pensacola Bay.  The water was beautiful and full of all kinds of marine life, but no keeper flounder - did see 2 small ones.  Ended up fishing the lights, and caught several white trout, also fished wreck in bay - more red snappers & large sail cats.